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Added Value

March 2009

As an employer, the well-being of your employees is of great importance. For this reason you implemented Social Benefits Plans like Health Insurance and Group Insurance for the well-being of your employees. Furthermore some employers added some support program in retirement savings by contributing in a Pension Plan.

Everything seems to be satisfying. So, how can we do more and be of any help to bring some added value to your employees regarding the Pension Plan without increasing any cost to the Company? Well, Pension Plans are often complicated for participants and they don’t necessarily have the understanding, neither the time to read all the documentation and really understand what are at stakes and make appropriate decisions as needed by the Plan.

Yes, we can help support your efforts and those of your Human Resources personnel with a professional, confidential and efficient counseling service to the participants about their Pension Plan and their Financial Planning to retirement.

Amédée Haché
Consultant en pension/Pension Plan Consultant