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The Work We Do

The work we do… for businesses

Our primary objective is to increase significantly the services to employees. We help them better understand their Pension Plan and appreciate the value of such a benefit for their Retirement Planning.

In our Pension Consultant duties we can also assist business owners to evaluate their Pension Plan in order to fulfill its goals and objectives. We can, if necessary, recommend minor changes to the Plan or go market if requested.

We can also look at your Pension Plan regarding the Guidelines enacted by the Joint Forum of Financial market Regulators and your Fiduciary responsibilities.

If requested, we can work closely with employers and employees to put in place a Pension Plan Committee to have it work properly in its own role and responsibilities.

The work we do… for individuals

We help establish retirement goals and the necessary revenues based on their retirement budget. We also bring all the tools needed to help enhance their savings capabilities.

We help in the financial planning to retire with a better understanding of their existing Pension Plan, get the most out of their Registered Retirement Saving Plan (RRSP). Revenues will include sources like the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and the Old Age Security (OAS). In fact, we will consider all actual savings to build their retirement revenue.

We will guide them to navigate into the investment world and establish their investment choices based on their Investor Profile and preferences.

At retirement, we won’t hesitate to shop and negotiate for them to obtain the best annuity rates on the market and for the kind of annuity which apply to their personal needs. Many people, at retirement, just ask the service provider for a quote to establish the annuity without considering shopping. We can do that shopping for them and our experience demonstrates that we see between 5 % and 9 % more in monthly income.